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Vmax Aero Systems International began in 1996 as AETI in Southern California and was one of the first companies involved in desktop flight simulation. In 1990 AETI developed the Virtual Air Combat System, or VACS. The F-16 simulator was prominently featured on the Discovery Channel programs The Know Zone with Soledad O’Brien and CNET Central with Richard Hart. Martin Arant, AETI's founder, had an extensive background in computer graphics and emerging technologies, and was nominated by NASA in 1992 for a White House Point of Light award for his work on an leading-edge science education product. At this time he also traveled extensively in Europe and Japan, giving seminars on virtual reality and desktop simulation to technology firms. In 1999 AETI produced a marketing research study on desktop flight simulation for PC gaming giant Electronic Arts. During the late 1990s AETI published many desktop simulation products, including the award-winning ProFlights 98 and 2000 and the 747-200 product, Ready for Pushback. In 2001 the company was incorporated as Vmax Flight Systems in order to better identify itself with the simulation community. During this period Vmax provided flight simulation solutions to Boeing, Honeywell, and other leading aviation firms. In late 2008 Vmax separated into two entities; Vmax Flight LLC, a Florida based company whose mission is to continue providing products to the simulation enthusiast market, and Vmax Aero Systems International, based in Alabama and chartered to provide marketing and consulting services to the aviation and commercial simulation market sectors.

Martin Arant, President of Vmax Aero, serves on the board of directors for Avsim.com, the largest flight simulation site on the internet. He is also corporate liaison for Avsim, working with industry leaders in the flight simulation and aviation communities. He is an active pilot, holding a commercial pilots license with multi-engine and instrument ratings.







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